Biography of Manraj Deewana

Hello friends, in this post we will talk about Manraj Deewana biography. how did Manraj Deewana become such a superstar singer. Manraj Deewana childhood, his family, his lover, and lot more about him. If you want to know, then you must read this post till the end. And I’ll share some facts about manraj deewana.

Manraj Deewana is one of the super star singer of Rajasthan. He is famous for his sad love songs. who has given more than one good song to those who love him, some of them are, Padba Aari Priyanka, Thar Liye mar Jaun Ra Dilsa, Coaching Padto Padto Rowe Re Deewana Tharo Pyaar, Do Dil Hota Seena Mai etc.

These songs are not only famous in Rajasthan all the songs has played in all over india. And there is almost no such song of Manraj Deewana which does not play on DJ, so now let’s talk about how Manraj Deewana became a singer and how did his childhood passed.

Manraj Deewana ka Janam

Manraj Deewana was born in a poor family in Gurjar caste and Manraj Deewana lives in a village named Rajmana in Barwara tehsil of Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan.

What is the real name of Manraj Deewana

Manraj Deewana’s real name is Manraj Gurjar, he only use Deewana in singing because he sings sad love songs, that’s why he uses deewana in his name.

How Manraj Deewana became a truck driver

as you know Manraj Deewana was born in a poor family, due to this reason Manraj Deewana’s education has not completed. He became a truck driver since childhood and the second reason is that due to his mother’s death in childhood, his family became sadder due to this he became truck driver and Manraj Deewana had driven truck for 5 years.

Who is Priyanka

(Manraj Deewana ki Priyanka Kon hai) : – When have you listen his songs. You might have listen priyanka name in his songs. And a question would also arise in your mind that who is priyanka, where she lives and and what is her relation with Manraj Deewana. Priyanka was Manraj Deewana’s girlfriend to whom Manraj Deewana loved more than her life and she cheated on Manraj Deewana at the last movment. Manraj Deewana biography.

How Manraj Deewana fell in love with Priyanka

in 2015 when Manraj Deewana was going from Sawai Madhopur to Jaipur with a milk vehicle. Then Manraj Deewana got a girl while he was crossing the road, that girl was none other than Priyanka, who asked for a lift and that lift became a sign of love for Manraj Deewana and he fell in love with Priyanka very much.

Why Priyanka cheated Manraj Deewana

Friends, as you also know that in village area they do not allow love and alll these things. This scene also happened with Manraj Deewana and when their family got knew about Manraj Deewana and Priyanka. Then their family members fixed Priyanka’s marriage with someone else. Manraj Deewana also tried a lot to get her back and he wants to marry with her. but he could not succeed and eventually he got cheated and started singing sad love songs.

How many members are there in Manraj Deewana’s family

Manraj Deewana has three brothers and his father and one his wife and they also have a small child. His mother left him when he was child.

When Manraj Deewana has recorded his first song

If we talk about Manraj Deewana’s first song then its recording has done in Maa Bharti Studio Tonk, the recording of that song done by Mr. Pralhad ji Saini who is no longer in this world.

Manraj Deewana’s first DJ Song

If we talk about Manraj Deewana’s first DJ song, it was Padba Aaja ri Priyanka. This song was the first song of Manraj Deewana which is still plays in DJ till date and due to this song Manraj Deewana became DJ King and a famous singer of rajasthan.

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